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About Smith Tree Service

Brian Jacobson, Owner

Brian Jacobson
Brian Jacobson looks for leaf
parasites on a Coast Live Oak
(Quercus agrifolia) in Monterey.

Brian Jacobson was the first in the Monterey Peninsula area to earn an Arborist Certification (No. WE-0422A, in 1988) from the International Society of Arboriculture and is an ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor. 

Brian has given numerous lectures and presentations over the years to groups such as gardening clubs, homeowners associations, primary and secondary schools, and college classes.  His talks cover issues such as tree diseases and insect problems , solutions to tree maintenance problems, and the interaction of different tree species in the Monterey pine forest.  He continues to be available as a speaker.

Brian is a grandson of Everett Smith, the Founder of Smith Tree Service, and a nephew of Hugh Smith. Brian worked for Smith Tree Service for two summers in the early 1970s and in 1984 moved to Monterey to work into the business.  He bought the company in 1989.


Everett Smith

         Everett Smith (1891-1967)



Smith Tree Service was established in 1928 by Everett Smith, who had been a Forest Ranger in the US Forest Service.  He operated the company as Everett Smith Forestry until the early 1950s.


Hugh Smith with Chainsaw

Hugh Smith demonstrates the
use of a chainsaw (circa 1946).

Everett's son, Hugh, a graduate in Forestry from the University of Washington at Seattle, returned to Carmel to work into the business and became owner in 1955. Hugh operated Smith Tree Service and was also the first City Forester for the City of Carmel-By-The-Sea. During that time he helped develop Carmel's first Urban Forest Management Plan (FMP), which became a template for other municipal FMPs.